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to rank higher in Google every day.

What is a Search Engine Rank Tracker and why is GoKoOM the best in the world?



It is cloud-based software that tracks Keyword rankings of your website daily, for desktops, mobiles and tablets. This is achieved by reporting of graphical results.
Therefore, enhancing your web positioning.

Daily Rankings

Every 24 hours, you can obtain new keyword positions on search engines. On time, without delays.

On-demand Updates.

Google changes keyword positions several times a day. Update the position whenever you want!

We gather data from your competitors.

We analyse every keyword from your competitors and compare the data with yours to help you improve your website.


Progress Graphic

We love graphics, and we ensure we make them beautiful. Who says beauty and maths are enemies?

Desktop, Mobile y Tablet

Did you know that browsers don’t provide the same results for desktops and mobile devices? GoKoOM enables you to see these without complications.

460 Search Engines

Choose the one you want to track your keywords, with for example google.com, google.es, google.co.uk, google.fr etc…



GoKoOM is the only TRACKER that helps you with your SEO

We automatically analyse On-Page SEO on your website and compare it with competitor´s sites, obtaining valuable data regarding the number of repeated keywords in texts, keyword density, HEADERS, links or backlinks, AMP… Moreover, we also analyse position rankings such as Alexa and MOZ. As a result, we provide you withSEO tasks to boost your On-Page SEO. Therefore, web positioning is enhanced in the selected browser of your choice.

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GoKoOM is the only Rank Tracker that also does all this for the same price:

We track up to the TOP 200

GoKoOM searches the first 200 positions of your keywords daily, whereas our competitors track only the first 100.

Analyse your page speed and your competitors´.

Everyday GoKoOM analyses your page speed and your competitors´ and it reports results through graphics to see the evolution over time on your website.

Your DA evolution and your competitors´ DA evolution for every keyword.

DA and PA are metrics provided by MOZ, and probably we can say that these metrics for domains and pages are the most famous on the Internet.

<H1><H2>… you and your competitors

More than 85% websites have H1, H2, H3 ill-defined. It usually doesn’t keep a logical hierarchy. Furthermore, there are neither synonyms nor keywords included.

GoKoOM helps you, warns you of these failures and compares them to your competitors´ shortcomings.

Competitors for each Keyword

We track your first 5 competitors keywords using Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and then analysed it on our On-Page SEO by comparing it with yours to give you the advantage over your competitors.

Do you have AMP? What about your competitors?

GoKoOM analyses your website against your competitors´, GoKoOM assist you in providing who already have AMP installed, which benefits your competitors and not you if you are not using it yet.

Do you want to enhance your website? Install AMP.

Analysing of Title and Description

The meta-title and meta-description tags are essential for web positioning, as those are the texts Google firstly shows in SERP.

Are they correct in all your pages?

The number of words in your article compared to your competitors

GoKoOM te ofrece de un vistazo el número de veces que aparece cada palabra, las que más se repiten y cuantas veces y además lo compara con las páginas de tus competidores para que puedas tomar decisiones sobre tus textos.

The text correction is essential to get a good web positioning on Google.

Task SEO

Big Data techniques gather millions of data implemented by a modern layer of artificial intelligence to draw conclusions to improve your On-Page SEO through SEO Tasks. Do you want to improve?

See your progress against your competitor´s regarding ALEXA

GoKoOM provides your ranking in Alexa every day, as well as your competitors´. So you can compare the evolution over time through graphics which is easy to understand.

The number of words in your article compared to your competitors

Another fundamental parameter to rank for a keyword is the length of an article and the length of your competitors’ articles. We analyse everything!

The rate of appearance of the keyword density

Similar to the last point, but instead of measuring the number of times a keyword appears, it analyses the keyword density. In other words, it examines the percentage of a keyword appearance concerning the total number of words.

Logically we compare the density of words of your article content to your competence to draw conclusions and therefore boost the positioning of your website.

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